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The revolutionary push and pull trolley that leaves three wheel trolleys behind

The stylish Kaddey Switch is a very compact golf trolley that is both super light to push and pull. Thanks to the two XL wheels and sophisticated balance, the Kaddey Switch runs and maneuvers much lighter than the current three wheel trolleys. On the fairway and downhill you push while uphill or in the rough pulling is most efficient. This way you get peace in your game, save energy, and… (probably) a few strokes. Experience it for yourself.

Ingeniously compact

Permanently on the bag

The Kaddey Switch is designed to be permanently attached to your golf bag. As a result, it is ready for use or tidied up in no time. It also takes up very little space in your trunk, locker or at home. Of course, just like with normal trolleys, is it also possible to transport and store the Switch and the bag separately if you wish.

Kaddey Switch - Permanent aan de tas - Frame - Black
Kaddey Switch - Permanently on the bag - Frame bag - Black
Kaddey Switch - Permanent aan de tas - Car - Black

A delight to play with

Kaddey makes your day

The new experience of driving with XL wheels, the compactness and many more surprising features of the Kaddey Switch. Trickshot specialist and PGA Professional Mark Reynolds shows it to you with great pleasure.

Fully equipped

Perfection down to the smallest detail

The Kaddey Switch is not just any trolley. Every detail has been carefully designed to give you that little bit extra. It is the only trolley in the world with an integrated sharpener. Do we need to say more?

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Kaddey Switch - Push pull trolley - Orange - Side

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Enjoy a nice round of golf thanks to the XL wheels, handy features, beautiful materials, a trunk in which you have space to spare and the compliments of your flight companions?

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Fits in the trunk
I have a small car and yet this trolley fits in there. Super convenient. I have to take the driver out of the bag. Because otherwise it is too wide.


Runs lighter
This two-wheeler runs much lighter than the three wheel trolley I had. Also nice and agile.


Now two bags and two trolleys fit in my trunk and I no longer have to fold the backseat. Bravo, very happy with it.


Handy trolley
What a compact trolley and easy to fold. Always attached to the bag. Had to get used to connecting the wheels, but is now very easy.


That sharpener makes it complete! Great fun!


Ingenious concept and astonishingly good service!


Well done
Ok, baby’s home and its simply hot. Expectation met reality. Well done Kaddey !


Ultimate trolley
today I received your delivery - I ordered just two days ago. And: This is the ultimate push- and pull-trolley I have ever had. It is bombastic functional and stylish!


Fantastique product
Its here !!!! 😃 fantastique product!! Thanks


So freakin awesome! Best buy ever


2 years warranty

2 years warranty

Dutch design

Dutch design

Fast shipment

Fast shipment