New ambassador: Performance coach Liesbeth Pauwels

We’re proud to introduce you to a new Kaddey ambassador: Golf Movement Expert and Performance Coach Liesbeth Pauwels. 

Liesbeth is on a mission to enable golfers to enjoy this great sport throughout the different stages of their lives, educating and coaching on the impact golf and the swing movements have on the body and insights on how to train smarter and play better.

With more than a decade of coaching experience under her belt, Liesbeth is also TPI certified and additionally runs an exclusive golf yoga retreat in Spain. As well as coaching golfers of all abilities, covering beginners, game improvers, single figure players and aspiring amateurs, she also coaches a number of elite athletes on Europe’s professional Tours.

By tapping into all of her amazing experience, she will become an invaluable resource for the Kaddey team as we develop and create stunning new products to help you play your best golf. Together, Kaddey and Liesbeth aim to work together to inspire you to get more out of your golfing life, and we have plenty of lovely content planned for you to enjoy, including tips on how to get the most out of your Kaddey products which will benefit your game.

We promise Liesbeth will inspire you to move better, embody a positive mindset and play your best game yet. 

For more information on Liesbeth’s mission, discover her online course or check out her podcast.