The stylish and ingeniously compact Kaddey Switch is lighter to push than any three wheel trolley thanks to its XL wheels and sophisticated balance. Leave it permanently attached to your bag to save space in your trunk, locker or at home. Also you can choose from nine different wheel cap colors matching with your bag. Furthermore it has a selfie mode and (how handy) a sharpener! Explore all features below.

Feel free to try the Switch for 28 days. Not 100% happy? No problem. You will get your money back in full.

Includes a free introduction package with wheel cover, water bottle plus holder and a handy pitchfork worth € 56.

Trickshot artist and PGA Pro Mark Reynolds introduces you to the Switch!

Fully equipped

Perfection down to the smallest detail

2 years warranty

2 years warranty

28 days test period

28 days test period

Fast shipment

Fast shipment


Hi Kaddey,

Kaddey Switch you fit every golf bag?

Yes, the Kaddey Switch is designed to fit any bag. Both on a Stand, Cart or Pencil bag. Only the Staff Bag (the tour players) does not fit because they already play with a caddy. you fit in any car?

The answer is simple. If your golf bag fits in your car, the Kaddey Switch fits in with your bag. does the 28 day test period work

Money back within 28 days.
Test your Kaddey Switch golf trolley yourself and use it on your golf course for a month under all circumstances. If you are not satisfied afterwards, and contact us no later than the 28th day, you will immediately receive a refund. Excluding shipping costs. We pick up the trolley from you, do everything back in the original box.

It is not often that they are sent back, but when that happens, equally good friends. However, we are convinced that once you own your new Kaddey Switch you will fall a little in love with it. If you have used a golf trolley before, you will certainly appreciate the energy-saving Push & Pull properties of the Kaddey Switch. Also because the Switch can be folded so compactly, is quickly ready for use and it is a smart and well thought-out design. And if you’ve never used a golf trolley before, all of these features are sure to stand out, with the added bonus of arriving excited and fresh at the 18th hole.

There are no bumps, no risks, no hidden terms. If you like it, it’s yours. If not, no problem at all.

...what about the warranty?

If something still goes wrong and the trolley does not function properly, the warranty conditions below apply. If something goes wrong within this 2-year warranty period, you will receive a new part, or your golf trolley will be picked up for repair.

    1. Every Kaddey Switch golf trolley has a 2 year warranty.
    2. If something goes wrong within this 2-year warranty period, you will receive a new part, or your golf trolley will be picked up for repair. Parts, transport costs and labor are then free.
    3. Whether you receive a new part or whether the trolley is collected for repair is determined in consultation.
    4. To activate this warranty, you must submit the complaint by email to [email protected] under the heading “Warranty” and include the following information:
      • Description of the complaint
      • Copy invoice of the purchase
      • Photo of the serial number (on the bottom of the base)
      • Photos of the problem
      1. The general terms and conditions of Kaddey Golf BV apply.

Tip! Keep the original box in which your Kaddey golf trolley arrived. After receipt, cut the tapes so that the box can be stored flat. You can then re-use the box when your Kaddey golf trolley needs to be transported for repair.

...does my rangefinder fit in the tray?

Yes, almost all rangefinders from brands such as Bushnell, Garmin, Callaway and Nikon fit. To be on the safe side, the inner dimension of the large compartment is: 16 x 9 x 4.5 cm.

...does my smartphone fit in the tray?

Except for the plus and XL models, your smartphone fits in the tray. The dimensions are 19 x 9 cm.

...what about maintenance?

We recommend cleaning the Switch with water and high-pressure air, after playing, to remove dust, grass, etc. Every now and then look at the wheel axles for dust and remove it with air and a cloth. We do not recommend using a high-pressure cleaner to prevent damage.

...what are you made of?

The frame is made of aluminum, which is strong, light and corrosion free. The plastic parts are designed to withstand wear and the test of time and are equipped with material codes to enable an optimal recycling process.

...what are the measurements?

The frame without wheels is only 86 x 25 x 11 cm. The diameter of the wheels is 15 inches (38 cm).

...what is the weight?

The frame without wheels weighs 4 kg. The two wheels together weigh 2.8 kg. Total 6.8 kg. Most other (non-electric) trolleys weigh more than 8 kg.

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