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The ingeniously compact Kaddey Switch is super light to Push ánd Pull thanks to its 2-XL wheels and sophisticated balance. Leave it permanently attached to your bag (if you choose) to save space in your trunk, locker or at home.

It fits every stand and cart bag, but our own Cart Bag fits best. Furthermore the Switch has a selfie mode, a sharpener and wonderful add-ons to take it next level!

Free shipping over £500

30 day trial period


2 year warranty

The best of Push ánd Pull

Easy maneuvering with 2-XL wheels

Ultra compact aluminium frame (4 kg)

Fits all stand & cart bags

Wacht Golf Monthly's review

Game changer

Perfection down to the smallest detail

Hi Kaddey, I've a question...


What's in the box?

The Switch is securely shipped in a cardboard box which includes the following items:

  • 1x aluminium frame
  • 2x XL wheels

What is your weight?

The frame without wheels weighs 4 kg. The two wheels together weigh 2.8 kg. Total 6.8 kg. Most other (non-electric) trolleys weigh more than 8 kg.

Do you fit every golf bag?

The Kaddey Switch is designed to fit all stand and cart bags. We recommend to use a lightweight midsize bag to make your life as easy as possible. The Kaddey Cart bag is the ultimate golf bag for the Switch, with the unique Fast-Lock system.

We advise against the use of staff bags because of the heavy weight and bulkiness. They can only be mounted when twisted 90 degrees because of the big pocket on the back.

What are your measurements?

The frame without wheels is only 86 x 40 x 14 cm. The diameter of the wheels is 15 inches (38 cm).

What are you made of?

The frame is made of aluminum, which is strong, light and corrosion free. The plastic parts are designed to withstand wear and the test of time and are equipped with material codes to enable an optimal recycling process.

How are you attached?

With two velcro straps you (once) firmly attach your bag to the frame. They are reinforced with leather to prevent twisting of your bag.

Do you have a brake?

In parking mode the Switch leans firmly on the bottom plate. The weight of your bag and the wide wheelbase make sure your trolley stays where it is. In result you’ll never forget the brake so you can focus on your game. Easy as that 👌.

Do you fit in any car?

The answer is simple. If your golf bag fits in your car, the Kaddey Switch fits in with your bag.

Does my rangefinder fit in the tray?

Yes, almost all rangefinders will fit. To be on the safe side, the inner dimension of the large compartment are: 16 x 9 x 4.5 cm. The magnetic Kaddey Rangefinder comes with a special adapter that clicks on the Switch frame.

Does my smartphone fit in the tray?

Except for the plus and XL models, your smartphone fits in the tray. The dimensions are 19 x 9 cm.

Do you have an umbrella holder?

Yes, the umbrella holder for the Kaddey Switch is available as an add-on. It is designed to fit most golf umbrellas, the maximum handle diameter is 38mm.

What about maintenance?

We recommend cleaning the Switch with water and high-pressure air, after playing, to remove dust, grass, etc. Every now and then look at the wheel axles for dust and remove it with air and a cloth. We do not recommend using a high-pressure cleaner to prevent damage.

What about the warranty?

If something still goes wrong and the trolley does not function properly, the warranty conditions below apply. If something goes wrong within this 2-year warranty period, you will receive a new part, or your golf trolley will be picked up for repair.

    1. Every Kaddey Switch golf trolley has a 2 year warranty.
    2. If something goes wrong within this 2-year warranty period, you will receive a new part, or your golf trolley will be picked up for repair. Parts, transport costs and labor are then free.
    3. Whether you receive a new part or whether the trolley is collected for repair is determined in consultation.
    4. To activate this warranty, you must submit the complaint by email to [email protected] under the heading “Warranty” and include the following information:
      • Description of the complaint
      • Copy invoice of the purchase
      • Photo of the serial number (on the bottom of the base)
      • Photos of the problem
      1. The general terms and conditions of Kaddey Golf BV apply.

Tip! Keep the original box in which your Kaddey golf trolley arrived. After receipt, cut the tapes so that the box can be stored flat. You can then re-use the box when your Kaddey golf trolley needs to be transported for repair.

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 93 × 40 × 18 cm

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