Discover the Kaddey Switch Golf Trolley

A Golf Trolley Praised by Golfers Worldwide

Since its launch three years ago, the award-winning Kaddey Switch golf trolley has become a sensation in the golfing world. Fans from over forty countries have expressed their admiration for this revolutionary golf trolley. With a review score of 4.7 on Trustpilot, the popularity of the Kaddey Switch is undeniable.

Golf Trolley

Perfection Down to the Smallest Detail

The Kaddey Switch is crafted by golfers for golfers, with every detail meticulously designed for added convenience. What truly distinguishes it is its unique feature: an integrated sharpener. This allows golfers to maintain their equipment in prime condition right on the course. The Kaddey Switch enables golfers to enhance their play.

The Ease of Two XL Wheels

A True Game Changing Golf trolley

The compact Kaddey Switch is not your ordinary golf trolley. Its two XL wheels allow for effortless movement, whether pushing or pulling, adapting seamlessly to the course. This innovation conserves energy and can improve your performance. With a selection of integrated bags and accessories, the full potential of the Kaddey Switch is at your fingertips, elevating your game to higher levels.

Freedom to Push and Pull

Easy Maneuvering with Two XL Wheels

The Kaddey Switch’s two XL wheels make for easy maneuvering on any terrain. Whether pushing or pulling is your preference, this golf trolley offers the liberty to choose. Its ultra-compact aluminum frame, at a mere four kilograms, promises easy transport and compatibility with any stand or cart bag. Transition from bulky, heavy trolleys to a new standard of convenience and performance.

Space Saving Golf Trolley

Compact Design

The Kaddey Switch boasts the title of the world’s most compact golf trolley. With a four-kilogram aluminum frame, it can stay attached to any stand or cart bag or be stored on its own for quick readiness or clean-up. Whether in your car trunk, a locker, or at home, the Kaddey Switch occupies minimal space, offering peak convenience and organization.


Q: Can the Kaddey Switch be used with any golf bag?
A: The Kaddey Switch is universally designed to accommodate any stand bag or cart bag for versatility and ease. The Kaddey Stand Bag and Cart Bag fit perfectly thanks to its Fast Lock® System.

Q: Is the Kaddey Switch easy to maneuver?
A: The two XL wheels on the Kaddey Switch ensure smooth, effortless movement, allowing for easy navigation across various terrains.

Q: How compact is the Kaddey Switch?
A: As the world’s most compact golf trolley, the Kaddey Switch features a lightweight aluminum frame that requires minimal storage space, whether in a car, locker, or at home.

Ready to take your game to the next level? Explore the revolutionary Kaddey Switch for unparalleled convenience, performance, and style.

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Kaddey Switch

Push-Pull Golf Trolley

Enjoy a nice round of golf thanks to the XL wheels, handy features, beautiful materials, more space in your car and the compliments of your flight companions.

  • Fits any stand and cart bag
  • 30 day trial period
  • 2 year warranty