Cart Bag

Take it easy

The minimalist design of this waterproof and very light bag divides the pockets in a Body and a Game side. This helps organizing your gear for a better overview and peace of mind. The Cart Bag can be used in combination with every golftrolley.

14-way top

The premium mesh lined 14-way top gives every club individual protection and simplifies organization. Your clubs and grips will slide smoothly through the full-length dividers.


The Kaddey Cart Bag fits seamlessly on the Switch! Thanks to the unique Kaddey Fast-Lock system it clicks in the bottom plate and in only seconds you are ready to go.

Enough balls

It’s important to bring enough balls to the course. But there’s no need to fill half your bag with balls. Put them in the compartment or have them easily at hand in the sleeve. This way you can take 18 balls with you. One per hole. Should be enough, right?

Body side

The body pocket on the right is where you store your sweater and jacket. On the inside there is a soft lined valuables pocket with key buckle and two meshed pockets.

Game side

On the game side you have a dedicated pocket for your golf balls, one for your tees and two mesh pockets for your rangefinder and umbrella holder.