Manuals - Flex Bag

Flex to the Max

The portable Kaddey FlexBag is the daypack for golf. It offers extra space and more flexibility in what you bring to the course.

Pack the water resistant hardshell EVA bag at home with just the right gear, food and drinks for the day. Just click it in the back of the Kaddey Switch frame and you’re ready to tee off!

Flexible daypack

Every golfing day is different and so should be your gear and nutrition. While your golf bag is stored in your locker or car pack your FlexBag at home and easily take it with you.

Click and play

Click the Kaddey FlexBag in the back of the Kaddey Switch frame and you’re ready to play. All your gear, food and drinks are easily accessible with the Switch in parking stand.

Precious pocket

Store all your valuables in one place. With sub-pockets for your smartphone, keys, cards and sunglasses. Our additional Kaddey Valuables Pouch also fits perfectly.

Keep it cool

The spacious 5L cooling compartment comes with a separate ice pack. Your sandwiches, drinks and fruits stay nice and fresh here.

Flextra space

On top of there’s the big 8L pocket which folds open for easy access. With plenty of space for your sweater, jacket (or both).