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25 pack with free alignement ring and marker


The Kaddey Zone is designed for focus and optimised for distance. The #2 Ball in Golf gives you the same exceptionally long distance as the #1 for half the price. We designed it to tee-up distraction free, improve your pre-shot routine and hit more sweet spots.

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with free alignement ring & marker

#2 Ball in Golf

PGA Pro Mark Reynolds put the Zone to the test on the Trackman, guess who finished #2...

Trackman Test

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Best price per meter

The golf ball is the most important piece of equipment in your bag because you use it every single shot. The nice thing about golf is, we all sometimes feel like a tour pro. The truth is for most golfers a Pro V won’t make the difference.

There are three factors that are beneficial for everyone when choosing your go-to ball: distance, price and personal preference. The Kaddey Zone is a premium quality 3-piece ball that gives you almost the same distance as #1 Ball (the Pro V) for about half the price. We’ve been calculating and it gives you the best price per meter possible. Talking about Less is More, right?! Try the #2 Ball in Golf yourself.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 29 × 45 × 44,5 cm