Manuals - Switch - Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated and improve your score

There is a direct relationship between a lack of hydration and your performance. Too little hydration leads to imbalances in the brain, which has a direct influence on your judgment, choices, and your swing… so ultimately on your score as well. Water also removes waste from your cells, digestive system, and body. Not to mention that water is essential for good heat regulation. Sweating is an important process for cooling your body.

How much should you drink?

Try to drink at least a half litre about an hour before you start playing. It takes one hour for the body to absorb the water. While playing, it is recommended that you drink three sips of water every second hole. The recommended water temperature is between 8 and 12 °C.

Kaddey Thermos Bottle

The Thermos Bottle is specially designed for the Kaddey Switch. The bottles insulation helps retain the temperature of the liquid inside, and it slides easily onto and off the frame. It is always within arm’s reach. That means there is no need to use disposable plastic bottles, so you and Kaddey are contributing to a better environment and your health.

Did you know:

  • The caffeine in coffee increases the frequency of urination and does not improve performance?
  • Caffeinated beverages, such as cola, do not increase performance, but actually overstimulate the kidneys?
  • The carbohydrate concentration in lemonades and fruit juices is high, resulting in delayed hydration?
  • Even small amounts of alcohol reduce performance?


Good luck with your game and your improved score,

Your Kaddey