Manuals - Shoe Dryer

Getting Started

(1) Choose the right location.

Place your Shoedryer on a stable surface, preferably in a well ventilated room with an ambient temperature of at least 15 degrees C.. You could think of the utility room, the garage or a location near the front door. Make sure the air inlets (the grills on the sides of the appliance) are not covered.

(2) Prepare the Shoedryer for use.

Turn the shoe holders upwards. Insert the plug in the power outlet.

Your Shoedryer is now ready for use.

(3) Place a pair of shoes on the Shoedryer

Place the shoes over the holders as indicated on the drawing no. 3. Press the button to start. The Shoedryer first starts to remove bad smells and bacterias with Ozon for 20 minutes. Then it continues with the drying program for textile or leather shoes.

(4a) Textile shoes

Press the Textile shoe button. The air will get 65 degrees C. Press once for 25 minutes and twice for 45 minutes. Press a third time to turn the Shoedryer off.

(4b) Leather shoes

Press the Leather shoe button. The air will get 45 degrees C. Press once for 45 minutes and twice for 85 minutes. Press a third time to turn the Shoedryer off.

(5) Ozon switch

Press this button to turn the Ozon on or off. Read more about how Ozon works below.

(6) Program finished

When the program has finished and the lights are off, the Shoedryer will continue to cool for 5 seconds and the Shoedryer will stop automatically.


1. Slide the adapter over a leg of the shoe dryer to approximately the middle, see picture on the left.

2. Slide the closed glove over the adapters, see the image.

3. Make sure there is a good passage to the inside of the glove.

4. Switch on the shoe dryer and feel if there is an air flow coming from the adapter.

5. If this is not the case, try to see where the air flow is interrupted. Then move the adapter to that area for proper circulation.

Also appliable for:

– Boots

– Mountain shoes

– Other Gloves

– Tight shoes

– Boxing gloves

– Other closing shoes

*Perfume kit

1. Slide the perfume kit adapters over the legs of the shoe dryer.

2. Click the perfume card in the adapter.

3. Slide the shoes over the legs.

4. Start the desired program


You can clean the Shoedryer with a moist, soft cloth and a little drop of detergent, don’t make the Shoedryer wet. Do not use abrasives or hard brushes. Use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt from the air grille. Never submerge the Shoedryer in water.

Tips for a safe use

Carefully read the following safety instructions prior to use.

Always handle electrical equipment with care. Use your common sense. Use the Shoedryer on a well ventilated spot and not in a room where people are working throughout the day. The Shoedryer uses ozone to remove odours effectively. Too much ozone is not good for the air quality and may cause headache or breathing difficulties. 

Place the appliance on a solid surface and make sure that your Shoedryer is always in an upright position when used. Also ensure that the air inlets – the grilles on the sides – are free. Do not use the Shoedryer if the cable or plug is damaged. If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or a recognised repairer, as this could pose a hazard.

The Shoedryer is not a toy. Do not let children play with the appliance. Only allow children to use the Shoedryer under adult supervision. Do not disassemble the appliance and do not try to repair it yourself or make changes to it. This could result in injury, fire or other failures. Only allow a recognised repairer to perform repair and maintenance work at the dryer. In case of problems or questions, you can always contact Kaddey customer service. If you remove parts or try to perform maintenance work yourself, the warranty will no longer be valid. Keep the dryer away from water, fire, flammable gas and corrosive substances.

How it Works

The Shoe Dryer emits Ozone into your shoe. The most natural and effective method to fight odours. The ozone layer projects the earth against harmful radiation. But ozone also has powerful disinfecting properties. It is the most natural way of making bacteria and fungi harmless and removing odours. The average amount of ozone that the Shoe Dryer produces is extremely small and falls within the legal limit value (GSW) of the Health Council. After some time, ozone particles convert back to oxygen (O2). 

Safety and Operational Precaution

Strictly observe the guideline within this manual to use this product safety and prevent possible injury or damage to you or others. Make sure you understand the contents of this manual for correct use of your Shoedryer If you are unsure, please contact us on

1 Year Limited Warranty

Your Shoedryer comes with 1 year warranty. The warranty starts on the date of purchase. The date of purchase will be registered automatically. Damages to the outside, damages as a result of incorrect use, accidents, repairs or changes made by non-authorised repairers or appliances that were used for commercial purposes, are not covered by this warranty. The Shoedryer is of excellent quality. We are convinced that you will be able to enjoy your Shoedryer for many years. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.