Manuals - Switch - Push and Pull

Switch between push & pull

The Kaddey Switch completely changes the way you use a trolley. You no longer have to choose between pushing or pulling. With the Switch it’s pushing and sometimes pulling. The traditional two-wheel trolley with small wheels is designed to pull. Three-wheel trolleys are only meant to be pushed and often derail due to a skewed front wheel. This demands unnecessary energy. The two XL wheels and the exceptional balance of the Kaddey Switch ensure that it is much easier to push and manoeuvre than a three-wheel trolley.
It is important that you find the balance position while pushing the Switch in order to keep it from derailing. This makes your walk more comfortable and relaxing. It may take some time to get used to it, but after one round on the course you will never want to use anything else. You’ll switch from push to pull and back without even realizing it, adapting to each situation as you go. You’ll push on the fairway or downhill, while pulling works best when in the rough or uphill.

The XL wheels also ensure you will have less trouble with bumps on the course.
Thanks to the 38 cm diameter, the odds of getting stuck in a rabbit hole or not getting over a bump are significantly reduced.

In short: after a few games you will definitely become friends with your Kaddey.
This way you can play in peace, save energy, and hopefully cut back on a few strokes.