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Your rangefinder has never been so close by and easy to grab. Thanks to the integrated magnet, you simply click it on and off the Kaddey Switch frame. In a split second it finds the target and shows the distance. The battery is rechargeable and supports up to 4500 measurements. Nice for you and the environment.


For the happy view

Always in reach

Measuring the distance has never been easier. Thanks to the integrated magnet and the included frame adapter, the Kaddey Rangefinder is always at hand to easily click on and off the Switch frame.

In (re)charge

Another useful feature is the Kaddey Rangefinder's rechargeable battery with a USB cable. A full battery can handle up to 4500 measurements. Convenient and environmentally friendly.

Looking good

Kaddey wouldn't be Kaddey if our Rangefinder wasn't very special and of the best quality. Such as a 4K OLED display, water-resistant housing and state-of-the-art technology.

Fast Find

In a split second it finds the target and shows the distance on the ultra clear 4K display. It has an adaptive slope switch and an auto ambient red display function for better contrast.


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