Kaddey Switch as Golf Monthly's Editors Choice of 2022

Kaddey Switch as Golf Monthly's Editors Choice of 2022

Watch the Kaddey Switch in action and discover why it features in Editor's Choice 2022

Truly one of the most unique trolley designs ever brought to the market, the Kaddey Switch combines European design flare and practicality to create one of the most user friendly push trolleys on the market.

The Kaddey Switch is designed to be permanently attached to any golf bag, making assembly on arrival at the golf course as quick and seamless as possible. This design also means the trolley takes up minimal space and can be easily stored in even the smallest space or car boot.

From taking the Kaddey Switch out of the boot to having a fully assembled trolley takes a few seconds and a few moving parts. Once the XL wheels have been attached either side, you’re good to go! The wheels come in a convenient carry bag to keep them organised as well as keep dirt out of your car.

Using the two large wheels on either side, which simply slot into the side of the chassis, the Kaddey Switch can either be pulled or pushed along the ground - it’s all about your preference. The beauty of the design is that you can easily and quickly switch between pushing or pulling depending on the gradient you’re facing. For example, downhill we preferred to have the Kaddey in front of us while it was easier to pull uphill. The centre console has a good amount of storage and is made using sturdy, tactile and premium materials that add to the overall appeal of the trolley. The console also has a pencil sharpener, which is a brilliant touch of detail!

One final touch that sums up how thoughtfully the Kaddey Switch has been designed is that you can record your own golf swing. Using the elasticated phone straps on the centre console and positioning the handle closer to the ground, you’ve got your own cameraperson to hand to record your swings - a thoughtful added touch!

It’s a truly unique system and one that is all the more beautiful thanks to the clean, architectural Dutch design and strong aluminium frame. Available in two chassis colours (black or white), you can also choose from nine different wheel cap colours to make your Kaddey Switch your own.

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