Uncover Unique Golf Terms and Trivia with Kaddey Master News

Uncover Unique Golf Terms and Trivia with Kaddey Master News

Discover Unique Golf Terms & Trivia

Welcome to Kaddey Master News, your ultimate destination for the latest golf course updates, golf news, and fascinating golf trivia. As an avid golfer, you might be familiar with common terms like birdie, bogie, and divot, but how about unique terms like ginsburg or buzzard? Read on to expand your golf vocabulary and impress your golf buddies!

On the Green

  • Afraid of the Dark: The putt that stops just before the hole.
  • Rock Hudson: Putt that looks straight but goes in all directions.
  • Dolly Parton: A ball that makes a circle along the entire cup before ending up in the hole.
  • Curler: A long putt with a lot of break.
  • Boss of the Moss: The flight’s best putter.
  • Frog Hair: The short-cut grass around the green, or apron.
  • In the Leather: A ball very close to the hole; often awarded in friendly play.


  • Deuce: An American expression for a hole in two strokes; also used for a second shot less than five meters from the hole.
  • Buzzard: A double bogey.
  • Dyke: A popular Irish expression to denote a bogey.
  • Big Number: A score on a hole you’d rather not mention.
  • Condor: Four under par on a hole, e.g., a hole in one on a par five. Also called a 'triple-eagle' or 'double-albatross'.

For With Golf Buddies

  • Dew Sweepers: Players who turn off before dawn to avoid the crowds. Sometimes called 'Early Birds'.
  • Flubb: A turn that ends in front of the ladies' tee and will cost you drinks.
  • Golfwidow: The wife who often sits at home alone because her husband is addicted to golf.
  • Gilligan: The opposite of a Mulligan; your opponent can ask you to replay a good drive or long putt.

About Your Stroke

  • Monk Out: If the ball threatens to get into a tree, you shout "Monk out" in the vain hope that a monkey will grab the ball and throw it back.
  • Baff: An old Scottish term for hitting the ground behind the ball with the sole of your metal wood.
  • Balloon: When you hit a ball that flies higher than what the club is intended for.
  • Bankshot: Deliberately hitting the ball against a hill to reduce speed but create a forward bounce.
  • Fluff: A chip that hits the ground first and then the ball, traveling a short distance.
  • Double Chen: Hitting the ball twice during a chip.

About Your Gear

  • Knife: Golf jargon for iron 1, known as 'knife' due to its sharpness.

Hope you learned something new! Have fun golfing with your new knowledge.

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