Store your bag and switch+ separately

Watch the videos below to learn how to prepare for play and pack up your Switch+, separately from your bag, while still saving space.

Prepare for Play

(If you do not use the third wheel, ignore step 2 and 6)

  1. Get your trolley and bag out of the car
  2. Fold out the third wheel and twist it
  3. Fold out the wheelarms and click on the wheels
  4. Put the bag on the bottom frame, secure the lower strap first, secure the top strap
  5. Heighten the handle to your preferred height
  6. Swing the third wheel under and you're ready to go

Store after use

(If you do not use the third wheel, ignore step 1 and 5)

  1. First, put on the brakes and tap your third wheel under
  2. Secure the tray, take off all your accessories and lower the handle
  3. Now undo the velcro straps and take off your bag
  4. You can take off the big wheels and fold in the wheelarms
  5. Twist the third wheel and secure it under the strap
  6. Lift the trolley in the car first, then lift your bag and put it on the trolley
  7. Don't forget your wheels, click them into eachother and store them neatly